Monday, December 05, 2005

Since my camera's on the fritz... A thick snowfall coming down in the woods around Rockford College on Saturday- and that needle quiet and smell that- watching wren-like birds in the courtyard rolling in the new snow and seed as families of post-grads muscle for hot cider and brownies. Read: the hippocampus is the gatekeeper of memories and shaped like a seahorse. Saturday's graduation and speeches and marching make me look forward to other endeavors that take a long time on which I will eventually put a bow. Read: most sociologists and psychologists agree that one's personality is fully formed by age 6. Things I have postponed: reading Pale Fire, getting winter boots, submitting to magazines, renewing my passport, updating Discrete website, getting a permanent CTA card, going to the dentist, fixing mistake on my credit report, learning another language.


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