Tuesday, November 29, 2005

things i did/ate/that happened..(lifted title from another blg, thanks klg) went to asian groceries with s where i avoided products containing “fat powder” and got downright swoony over suburban parking lots after exiting store to the surprise of night and a first snowfall of the season. stood under cans of muzak for a few minutes just for the effect. ate pickled burdock root. fell asleep on battleship potemquin, watched east side story, fell asleep on the discreet charms of the bourgeoisie. ate a paste of salty plums. one foot out the door on sunday for lucha libre but couldn’t go in the end because we had listened to bach all morning and that was too much like going out in the cold with a wet head. antiwar protestors in front of art institute seem to be getting more support every weekend i walk past- in numbers, in honking.. seemingly fewer “commie prick” yellers. bumped into a friend who just returned from building a desert utopian city of the future, oh, it’s this. wondering what i’m missing in the quail egg realm.


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