Tuesday, November 29, 2005

where's my company spirit? there's always something interesting that keeps me up/out late and ill-suited to the 6 a.m. rise and 8 a.m. rolling in for a desk sit. last night it was hanging out with s before she leaves for CA and then the seven seas. now i just woke up enough to see that i'm wearing stained jeans and a black shirt covered in cat hair. i think the jeans may be giving off an odor as well, like i wore them to a bar and forgot to put them in the no pile. this after just talking last night about the limits of the artist when it comes to being an employee.


J playing "They Don't Love You Like I Do"-is that the name of the song? Ya-ya-yas... and I'm walking in the door inundated with cats who won't let me up the stairs until I've thoroughly lamented my being away. This kind of talk should be studied for its repetition and variation.. later that night to Bottle: Who's standing in my book? A good girl. A good girl in my book. Such a good Bottle. Yes you are...

Putting the antennae away for a while.. the weather is decisively winter and I just want to eat potatoes and sit in front of a fire.


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