Monday, November 28, 2005

I’m starting to come across this site in my googles for very other things, but things mentioned here only mixedly and once or twice. So I see I have to get used to this originally-intentioned “private” space of things outside the frame of poem-making (that sometimes get in), my sentence practicing, under stranger traffic. Thinking of the insight/delight I derive from others’ blogs as an anonymous (even possible?) visitor, I think, OK, my turn, like karaoke, welcome for whatever worth one finds. Thinking of the privacy-me, insert scream. Makes for an interesting case of intention. This was not begun in the spirit of “dear everyone,” but talking to myself, can it be the same knowing now that there are eaves? I swear- I have to swear since any precision of memory otherwise denies this- once I was taken to a restaurant that had microphones concealed in the centerpieces and a domed ceiling that seemed to throw intimate voices at other tables around the room. People talked on naturally, maybe comforted by a certain anonymity afforded by cacophony.


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