Monday, January 08, 2007

After a night at a former speakeasy with still-boozey paneling, 2nd story railings one could brawl through, prohibition-era escape route, a metal curl of stairs on stage strung with Xmas lights looking less weight-bearing and more DNA, I declare an intent to rewrite all rock lyrics. OK, says J, but you need rules. OK, says I, Bienvenue ala Ort Cloud Candelabra. “The possibility of song within that world… like saying ‘yes’ to sunlight” (Paul Blackburn) and other statements of poetics put some Vitamin D back into those pursuits.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sunday, October 01, 2006

fell asleep in public twice today. first in a yoga class- understandable. later in a darkened loft outfitted for showing films, on the very last film in the program, the one i had gone there for, though the rest of the program was thoughtfully curated and a tour de force in strategies for inducing hyponotic states.. so perhaps, with dorsky, it was the appropriate response that between nods i saw wide shots of lean, glittering waves and "the most beautiful lawn sprinkler in the world." looking forward to more of this series, which i understand is spreading from prov and taking up chi residence. i was totally unprepared- and had no trouble staying awake- for jean rouch's les maitres fous which leaves me with several still resonant questions of how transferable are the psychic states of power that can effect a group of individuals to organize themselves into a collective possession.. acting out affairs of the state while frothing at the mouth, and what sociological function this serves (catharsis?).

Saturday, September 30, 2006

though my running mate is out of town and my knees either inactive or flaming for the past two weeks, i decided at the last minute to do the kommen 5k this morning just to see. it was beautiful weather (for running on lower wacker) and i turned in a 31:09 (which is good for me). queued up at the start right behind the elite women runners and ate their magnificent dust. went straight from run to german class- which everyone takes very solemnly- and i got to be the first, when called on, to admit i wasn't following a bloody thing, so the teacher wrote on the board how to say "next person please" and moved on. p.m. dinner and drinks with m & l around the corner from an octoberfest headlined by the human league. saw that tomorrow night there are dorsky films down the street, brought to us by providence.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Last night’s poems: These poems are being made to reduce knee pain, therefore any and many use/s of turmeric and ginger. Curried quinoa pilaf with raisins and almonds, and ginger roasted acorn squash.


Math Ados (or Word Problems)

There was a berry-picking on the line

to show the median of

the numbers displayed by the people

participating in the contest

plotting, numbers for pints

of berries picked at the end of the Earth day

Had five numbers been mean, and growling, woken you, with a flip, pinned you to stair, shaken you free of the near sixth iteration of snooze, mingled sleep with news of the ninety-seven pound carp, bighead, that lept the fish fence, electric, and is imminent to all our waterways, weighs ninety-seven pounds, water in charge of collecting the daily low temp of Faith had five sand bags to her name.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Got passport picture taken today. I am shifty-eyed and look like I am concealing drugs. In the hot pink and grimly paneled photo joint, a sign: Make checks payable to the Baltic Sea.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Liberal Media?

The Gray Lady is getting about as lame on her geopolit coverage as she's long been in the book review dept. But what's it about? Are there any words in the book itself?
Some clarification/keeping it tidy.
Or is tidy the new bias?

Then the old liberal is simply verbose?

Then: "Do you have an appetizer in your mind?"