Saturday, September 30, 2006

though my running mate is out of town and my knees either inactive or flaming for the past two weeks, i decided at the last minute to do the kommen 5k this morning just to see. it was beautiful weather (for running on lower wacker) and i turned in a 31:09 (which is good for me). queued up at the start right behind the elite women runners and ate their magnificent dust. went straight from run to german class- which everyone takes very solemnly- and i got to be the first, when called on, to admit i wasn't following a bloody thing, so the teacher wrote on the board how to say "next person please" and moved on. p.m. dinner and drinks with m & l around the corner from an octoberfest headlined by the human league. saw that tomorrow night there are dorsky films down the street, brought to us by providence.


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