Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Last night’s poems: These poems are being made to reduce knee pain, therefore any and many use/s of turmeric and ginger. Curried quinoa pilaf with raisins and almonds, and ginger roasted acorn squash.


Math Ados (or Word Problems)

There was a berry-picking on the line

to show the median of

the numbers displayed by the people

participating in the contest

plotting, numbers for pints

of berries picked at the end of the Earth day

Had five numbers been mean, and growling, woken you, with a flip, pinned you to stair, shaken you free of the near sixth iteration of snooze, mingled sleep with news of the ninety-seven pound carp, bighead, that lept the fish fence, electric, and is imminent to all our waterways, weighs ninety-seven pounds, water in charge of collecting the daily low temp of Faith had five sand bags to her name.


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