Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I've got some sleeping chocolate to
celebrate that so little I have done
in the north/west/universe
is that where you learn everything
in the universe incessantly macro/boozey?

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Many many ballgames and BBQ's and friends from out of town to explain. A week ago last Sunday an excellent reading at Myopic to celebrate Stacy Syz's new book out from Litmus. Litmusina Tracy came in from NY and read some of her own work as part of the party (and she returns in the fall to read for Discrete with a second O Book out by then). Plus the incomparable Dana Ward drove in from Cincinnati and read his own poetry in addition to representing Cy Press, publisher of a chap by Stacy. With Stacy moving to NY to direct traffic at St. Mark's, Jesse off to Germany and Chuck to Milwaukee who will stoke the Chicago community to the degree that their collective efforts have?

More blow-your-hair-back readings this week with Kristin Prevallet and Kimberly Lyons reading at Discrete, the conference at the Adler Planetarium full of poets- what was it called? The Inspiration of Astrological Phenomena? Apparently the scientists in the audience flipped over Richard O'Russa's binary code poem, which, while I missed it at the Adler, was reprised at Danny's Tavern later that night, last night, where he read with Marcella Durand. That poem is really a physical feat, the words "zero" and "one" careen around the room like whirling dervishes. Reminds me of the poem Sawako read by one of the contributors to Factorial when she was here in the fall...requires looking up...a poem in Japanese consisting of only two characters I think repeated mucho. Also at Danny's last night, at Chuck's recommendation, I enjoyed my first Lakefront ESB: caramelly, hoppy goodness.

Friday, June 17, 2005

X marks

i'm as photogenic an ex-
marx as the next terminal

words: station in transit
or die as soon
as you mean them

Thursday, June 16, 2005

this week i'm digging the white stripes new record- so much so i'm concerned about myself. this record's totally hormonal. by record i mean cd-r copy from a sis-in-law who bought the cd on tuesday. by getting older i mean cigarettes can now be sold to someone born in 1987, someone who never got sand in their new order substance cassette.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"the wish assaults the will for what it may render" -Jennifer Moxley

a kind of talking
I can't do
right--put the right
put a bow on it-
finishing "and that is why"
"and this is how I would" curious
thinking first "yes,
I hope" then
"no, unring,
unkiss that kiss"

Monday, June 13, 2005

how many times you can bicycle around this accelerator does not take requests

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I don't want any sun on my arms prettier than the place du concorde

Saturday, June 11, 2005

poem for a phobia

do i qualify to embarass districts? these legs know better than I where they go taxonomic. hire in legs to panic between hens and chicks and thyme there a companion one night structures. builds an audience. holds them really. like a series of pulleys. like if i move then it... is dinner company. and where is it now? how does it evidence on windowsills of housesit with insects (qualify?) manual in purpose overhead. smoke them out? build/face time enough of a township luckily quick before very eyes. and who's whose all three predatory intincts in the natural world?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

time fills up is a
way of accounting for

longing for experience...

-Norma Cole