Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Sunday, October 01, 2006

fell asleep in public twice today. first in a yoga class- understandable. later in a darkened loft outfitted for showing films, on the very last film in the program, the one i had gone there for, though the rest of the program was thoughtfully curated and a tour de force in strategies for inducing hyponotic states.. so perhaps, with dorsky, it was the appropriate response that between nods i saw wide shots of lean, glittering waves and "the most beautiful lawn sprinkler in the world." looking forward to more of this series, which i understand is spreading from prov and taking up chi residence. i was totally unprepared- and had no trouble staying awake- for jean rouch's les maitres fous which leaves me with several still resonant questions of how transferable are the psychic states of power that can effect a group of individuals to organize themselves into a collective possession.. acting out affairs of the state while frothing at the mouth, and what sociological function this serves (catharsis?).