Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Things I did/ate/that happened...Not an admission of fault, but today Bush talks of Iraq and diminished forces. Gradually. More hospitals. I remind myself of my mother when I eat alone in restaurants, the rise in the voice that is more welcome of servers when a conversation isn’t trying to be fulfilled. “No… thanks though.” The argument that lifted my head off the pillow to yell “absurd.” Later the email titled “I’m a jerk.” Cantaloupe. Hospital food. Overheard: “You’ve got to always be the best person in the room.” Hey, that was the suit that snaked me in the buffet line! Sopapillas. Frozen pizza with gardineira, add at table. Are people a strategy to everyone but me? Why not be interested when a co-worker talks of heavy metal? Read so many times, “a wealth of body to surprise,” no progress with the book. To pick up with next time.


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