Thursday, August 03, 2006

dusting off my Discrete helmet and getting things ready for the fall season- see sidebar- and came across this interesting blog and post by kass. she's the one writer i know who makes expansive and crystalline creative use of the cultural critique i often hear lit-critically minded folk talk over beers. well beyond the kvetch scale, where the onus is usually assigned to those arbiters of one convention or another, she reassigns the onus to herself- and hopefully, by example, us (sentence fraternizers).


i'm hitting the road for omaha early tomorrow morning. what else clears the head like an 8-hour drive through corn? bringing a friend's dictaphone to try a new process.


fell asleep on albert brooks' real life, but will attempt another watch when fully lucid. the ungainly helmeted cameramen attempting to blend in while "real people" "act natural" are hilarious. apparently long before the advent of reality television brooks was spoofing it.


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