Sunday, July 16, 2006

around reading

after a week of job stressfest.. if this button doesn't do that "heads will roll"... yesterday four hours (round trip) on a train for caving surrounded by static conversations... teenage boys on "bitches," adults just on money.. how much does he/she have? how much is made? how much appreciation? j gives me a look that says never that-- and never hawaiian shirts (previously: "is that where the crazy goes?"). (misread) "my memory/is walking instead/of itself." question of the day: can i claim italian citizenship? the timing of great relations naturalization to look into. caught the last five minutes of bonnie and clyde. spelunked in an attraction where crowds of the 1940's snapped off small stalagtites for souveniers.. thinking they'd grow back soon. sooner than 40 million years. some mailed back, "apologies from mt. horeb." j: "i really hope i married an italian citizen and didn't know it." saw a performance piece about john wayne, cancer and gunplay. the shootist reminds me of the quietist, at least as words. (misread) "the largesse of empty slippers." stalagtites are hollow mineral formations that, when young, resemble a straw. driving on a non-descript country road, the person driving recalls a fatal crash he witnessed in that spot -"between the second and third telephone pole"- fifty years ago. but it's a religious country. "what do you call this?" if by religious you mean. "the firebug sets the pulpit ablaze."

(some quotes partially or in tact from warsh's chapbook "flight test.")


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