Thursday, July 06, 2006

that's two politically visceral scrapes in as many days.. visceral, yes.. the skin crawls.. just walked out my front door to go to the store and walked into a roadblock and convoy of police.. just as the dogwalkers next to me said "the president" the limo with flags on it went by and parked.. pulled into a tent erected in the street a block away.. steak joint with the mayor.. one woman stood with a sign that said "liar" but the rest were curious, surprised and destination-oriented. after walking blocks out of my way, i stood across the street from the restaurant with my groceries, seeing if i could get past.. a most direct route with my bulbous mesh bag would have been preferred. fox news doing a live feed next to me, the shellacked correspondent asks some guy: "do you like the president?" "yeah, he's ok." and then passing me (agape) up for a woman who had outfitted her terrier in a flag hat who gushed "we live in the best country in the entire world and he's doing a great job!" i felt like i had just been punched. i did, at least, stagger through their shot.


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