Tuesday, June 27, 2006

misc.. fill space!

day 2 back at the when-did-i-ever-find-any-time-for-poetry-in-my-day? job... funny though, the tech writing is pouring forth with boulder-limbered ease: "When you have finished adding all the features you want in your custom template, click Done."
saw word play last night- sweetly geeky.
daniel nester's in the 773. caught up at myopic and drinky afters where, appropriately, the jukebox turned queen.
tonight made this spinach-parmesan-couscous stuffed poblano thing.. 20 minutes prep time my foot.
just realized i have a virus- a minor one- but on a mac.. who knew? so all those editors i'm waiting to hear back from probably pitched my attached contagion straightaway.
i'll be reading in the first installment of a new reading series in hyde park curated by bill allegrezza. july 20. other details shortly.
zing! hello midnight. you don't know me, but i'm that 4 p.m. double espresso.


Blogger Daniel Nester said...

You rocketh, Kerri. Awesome to meet you in the material world.

7:41 AM  

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