Friday, June 23, 2006


first impressions of denver-
flatter than I thought.. mountains hung in smog.. fewer trees than I thought.. people still drive really big cars here.. big scape.. The Bigscape.. so this is where all of our american values for bigness come from... woman on the plane that when I first asked her if I could sit next to her paused for a long while before saying yes, then revealed she didn't want anyone "large or weird" sitting next to her but she guessed I looked "like a normal enough lady.." so this is where all of our american values for My Space come from. (not the trademarked virtual My Space, but funny that. what is your list of fav bands in hectares?)


notes from ElizaRob's lecture--

ecology- a preoccupation with balances.

beauty is an offering, a form of hospitality. the response to irony should be the same as the response to beauty: yes and no.

beauty should dislodge the dislodger or iron wall of irony.

beauty is imperfect, transitory.. (full of?) processual truths, not fixed

quote via e.r. of i don't recall who-- "to perceive at all is to be vulnerable to one's perceptions."

"irony gives us only a __(can't read my handwriting here.. curlier than usual)___."

an ecology of associations.. to work with imbalances.

creating an ethical and aesthetic ecology

misread but claiming it as my idea: irony is beauty preoccupied with error.

beauty is in the eyes of the community-- many versions (word origins in turning), many beholders.


also day 1. boulder. i am looking for some sign of mork and mindy. the only evidence is that i am old enough to have watched too much television in the 70's. i am taught that this is a place i can walk in front of cars. i attempt this but end up running anyway. staving off an altitude headache. where are you from? sea level. this isn't heat that everyone's talking about. whenever i'm teaching i'm wishing i were a student so this is just right, but i can't unring that bell aching my student mojo. the peak of the bell tower is being hammered on the lawn outside the classroom's window.


Blogger Hayes said...

yo, send stuff to summerstock!
couldn't find yr email...I hope you look at this...uh...uh...good talkin at the downer...but, uh...don't remember too much of it...anyway, wish I could've talked a little more while you wr, uh yeah..send stuff to to hear from ya!

2:32 PM  
Blogger John Sakkis said...

and the neither of us will be here to see it erected!

7:28 PM  

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