Friday, August 11, 2006

Caution Mathias, the lavamat is where memes go to die, but anyway..

Brain gargle book- The Anti-Aesthetic: essays on postmodernism edited by Hal Foster
Xanax book- I-Ching
Tofu-pressing book- Life Style by Bruce Mau
This week's train book- The Immoralist by Andre Gide
Giddy book- something something Jacob Delafon by Keith Waldrop
Book that I just lent out based on some random conversation that I hope I see again- Black Elk Speaks
Human heart book- Some Thing Black by Jacques Roubaud
"My neuroses could be even more jeweled" book- The Atelier Tovar by Guy Maddin
Book that I wish didn’t mean Poetry to most people I say "poetry" to- that navel-gazing verse by Jewel, whatever her book's called
"Maybe next year" book- Ulysses
Absinthe book- The Last Days by Raymond Queneau
Air guitar book- Polyverse by Lee Ann Brown
Book that makes me want to wear a doublet- Hamlet
"It’s all been thunk before" book- Silence by John Cage
Book that I always want to be reading- Your Ancient Sea Through by Hoa Ngyuen


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