Sunday, February 12, 2006

Things I did/ate/that happened…

Everyone’s leaving the country, hostile to beauty, or wants to. Perogies in a true Chicago joint with a berg of sour cream, "snowy wallop," where I’ve also not been enough, in and out of the country, on one lake, like a sea in her poems, a border that invents itself every moment, every immigrant, over asparagus, sailing with possibility. Watched Grizzly Man a and again. In relation to nature, Danny’s has gone plaid, Division on a weekend night gone to invasive species, Bud, hot wings, mock-up ass-kicking. The car has started a spiral of repairs on the same day I am trying to pass off this conveyance as poems for a colony. Waste of time? How much money? Even my thing? JB in town for pancakes says we’re living subscriptions, there will be nothing left to inherit. Thinking maybe companies will send coupons for 20 percent off in my memory.


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