Thursday, November 03, 2005

q's in town! another performance of days o rage is being put on tonight. hopefully this time without a preshow er visit.

this is the month of back east. time 1 of 37 asked when will we go back.


learned a new tune in guitar class last night- a rootin tootin cajun number of two chords. teacher says anyone using more than 2 chords is just showing off.


i've been really puzzling over this dowd article all week. i don't know which feminists she's talking about when she says feminists, likewise her characterization of men. none that i know. men that only want to marry their secretaries and young women modeling themselves on feminine principles of the 1950's? on tv and in the movies perhaps, but i'm no more buying frilly aprons for my friends than i am jumping away from exploding buildings. isn't a working mother trying to earn enough to keep her child from having to live in violent neighborhoods, attend subpar schools and be subjected to a lackluster health care system the real "modern girl?"

if it weren't for dowd and the onion i wouldn't be able to deal with the w presidency most days, but for her expansive cultural critique the reaction here seems pretty on the mark.


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