Wednesday, November 02, 2005

my heart is with the demonstrators today--more than ever, the world can't wait, and while some analysts on npr are kicking up their heels at what they see as a wounded administration, i think they're still as powerful as ever, in fact the more scandals like fitzmas we have, the more cover it is for the other devious shit that keeps happening. and like the admin has already demonstrated before, once the cover has expended its use it'll gnaw off the infected limb and proceed on with the rhetorical appearance of "we had a problem, we took care of it, unlike the left that would rather gridlock gov't with their spite and divisiveness." there is a certain brilliance in this regime that i wish the left could match instead of just looking like a bunch of kids throwing spitballs in the back of the bus. and now this meiers-scalito switcheroo has a calculated rove stank all over it and at this point it seems like a forgone conclusion (decided a year ago) unraveling just how many more freedoms we have left to lose.


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