Monday, October 31, 2005

(here come adjectives) yesterday matthew birthday minigolf: in spite of changing my name to helmut at the 10th hole i still got beat. i did however putt better when we played the holes out of order.

wish i had a camera for: m hitting ball back up the tubey shortcut, having it erupt from the ground to the ready swinging j aim.

after this, pizza, and m saying this is exactly how i spent my 12th b-day.

wondering with all why "up yours" can't be a friendly greeting, for christmas or everyday.


craving poetry, essays, writing of any sort online that participates in the world as much as, or more than, it observes, and that possesses a sense of something being at stake.


meeting tonight with another gallery to see about putting the d series. then to friends in beverly for squash soup and trick or treats.


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