Thursday, October 27, 2005

the one speaking
and the one
loved sometimes


Hurts today to type- strum thumb and the fingertips learning chords feel filed down. First guitar lesson was a blast. We learned “Horse with No Name” and how to make faces like Neil Young along with a dramatic rock ending. After the class all the students- all levels of guitar plus banjo and harmonica go into the auditorium and sing and play along to a medley put on by the instructors. The cumulative sound makes you think you sound pretty good. Wee!


Maybe now I can finally get a full night’s sleep, now that the Sox have finished off Texas. A little extra joy in seeing mama and poppy Bush frowning in their tea as Uribe threw the Astro out at first that ended the game for the Sox win. Crede should have gotten MVP, but what’s great about this team is that there really aren’t any showboaters in the bunch, all, when interviewed, are very deferential to one another.

Lots of people in the workplace are beaming, even if this is the north side, and recalling Sox memories of their youths, which makes me wonder- is Chicago unique among major cities in terms of how many people are born or raised and stay here? If a stat exists about percentage of “native” population in Chi compared to places like NY or LA which have often struck me as places people moved TO or FRO.

Pretty certainly a root has snuck up on me, but a nice one, I like it. Maybe more of a rhizome.


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