Monday, October 24, 2005

Motion and Forces Family Letter

Dear Parents,
With my good leg I sometimes know where to stand as mostly an observer. My motion will be affected by my looking, so with my good leg I am pulled into a dance with some relief about forgetting. I've learned that the alphabet is important because otherwise I could not say which vague points are traveled between. I'm surprised when asked of their origins more people don't give A or B when each is true. T or F tells me the truth. Sometimes I say "here" rather natively when handing someone a drink or else it will sound too much like a parting word. With my good eye I can see that the answer is a location to which you compare other locations, helping make it easy to compare locations. I convince people I was going to their locations when I am asked for directions instead of telling them to turn where the car lot burned to the ground, to keep going past where I once saw, in spandex, the mayor, whole crowds that walked between cars on a day of protest. It's a good reminder to say I was just going there, between the cars, their drivers standing out of sun roofs, even if it only happened once like the answers. I still might look like I'm waiting but it's how I plan to remember. The person, the suitcase and the ground would be moving, the people inside would be still. The people in the train and the train would be moving, the ground and the suitcase would be still.


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