Monday, October 24, 2005

Focused as long as I’ve been on the smaller units, the words, the minims and lately trying to work with a wider view, at the level of the sentence, the paragraph, it’s a perfect time to become more familiar with Anna Moschovakis’ and Matvei Yankelevich’s work, both reading last night at Myopic. Of the work they read, it was Matvei’s essays from “Writing in the Margin” and Anna’s- I think it’s one continuous poem that fills- The Blue Book that struck me as two distinct ways of developing ideas through prose styles that diffuse and weave for solid page, pages. Matvei builds with firm, declarative sentences that at times infuse the discourse with humor and a touch of surreal. The one that I look forward to spending more time with in print begins, “I hate writing.” Anna’s work fascinates for its ability to keep buoyant abstract threads on- so many things- how things interact, when we begin to distinguish one thing from another.. in physical space, human (dynamics) space, political space, etc: (quoting approximate) “in the ocean, surface and depth interact on the surface.” “let’s stop thinking about the war. This is a true story about a dress. It went with everything.”


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