Monday, October 31, 2005

how had i not heard of dolch words before today? "220 high-frequency words" a.k.a. basic sight words every child learns first/should know by the time they're seven years old. for poets, is this not bread-making? read kit robinson's take "the dolch stanzas" (c. '76 but now online), and he must've expanded on this elemental vocab just a smidge... i.e. are "crap" and "cum" really part of this early lexicon? compared to kit's, i think there are even greater possibilities for diffusion here, as his phrasing, in spite of the restrictive word bank, is still very concerned with concreteness, sentencey. the bits cited in the review printed in l=a=etc. #2 gave me a different impression/ suggest a less conventional flow than i see reading the chap start to fin. is this a matter of time passing and degree? that is, is one man's fragment c. 1976 nothing to a mind after 30 more years of flickering?


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