Monday, October 03, 2005

After Eigner, Van Dyke prints and slides of the Age of Exploration

A shotgun lesson in making the surface light sensitive, not optimism exactly. Your whole body, he asks, could be an album, like a citizenry. If it is always a face the question is present on, let us wonder if this is asthma carried by the Scotia plate. Sleeping wrong in whatever language comes about, where victories don’t pour, stand in straight lines from the cartographer’s hand, so look "something" there through our clothes. Things I would tell myself, fear chemicals more, people less, dark rooms innocuous on hands. What happened, 1991? Willing--between the idea to walk down the street and the observer, too frequent to be knocked out, ending anyway with trees. My guess is continuing, like anything else, with some fiddling, but “what” then “can things mean?”


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