Sunday, September 25, 2005

A busy week and now laid up all weekend with a bum neck reading Frank O'Hara. It's been years in the making to finally be able to sit down with his collected--when I bought it last year at Myopic just before one of the Sunday night readings I remember being asked if I liked FOH and I said, no, not really. Felt like I got the gist of him in undergrad and smarmy, pedestrian this and that has never been high on my list of things to read to feed my poetry tree. But I knew one day I'd be in the mood for nothing else and this is it--hopped up on muscle relaxers on a rainy weekend in bed after hitting the mother of all sales on German bubbly (water).

Also this weekend a professor friend of J's staying with us to make music who is adamant about a morning and afternoon "constitutional." Feeling a break in the medihaze, I decide to take a walk too, even though I'm moving like the tinman. More oil! (Speaking of more oil, was surprised that the protests yesterday weren't headline making. Even the NY Times had a pretty blase tone in their article. Tell me people aren't enraged?!) Bears game this afternoon so the neighborhood is crawling with people decked in garbage-bag looking rain ponchos munching brats and discreetly cupped beer. The parking structures are billowing BBQ smoke and every vacant lot between new lux highrises has been transformed into a tailgating party. I took a few snaps--of things through something tinny, not bears.


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