Monday, September 19, 2005

pics and bits to come re: this poetry-full weekend with Discrete events Friday and Saturday, but J and I had been having a laugh a few weeks ago reflecting on the series, what it's accomplished all by word of mouth, etc. and I had said, just watch, now that the 3030 space is being shut down the Reader will finally write an article about it. And then we realized that nearly ALL Reader articles are basically maudlin eulogies for local arts and other organizations that were dying (could have been saved?) for some press while they were vibrant. Do other city arts newspapers have this same pathology? Is this local journalists' way of preserving the old no-one-knows-about-this-but-me version of hip? Talking to one of the 3030 members Saturday night then I was not surprised to hear him say, "We've never gotten more press than in the last few weeks," and he mentioned a Reader article titled "RIP 3030."


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