Thursday, September 29, 2005

the violence to language that is the acronym acronym abbreviation acronym of corp. communication had me simmering over yesterday as each project am given, each bug to replicate first requires much consultation to decode. am less simmery today- office goes at 2 for free summer eats and movie tix- to keep us all from...trails off the colleague. i'm still a verdant shade of new but have joined a work-folk book club in which i will read plotty, charactery fiction like not in so long...

must return to post about great bulgarian night of poetry on tuesday...

haven't had a poetry spree in too long.. and have walked into a borders because i can walk into one on a lunch hour and not spd several times in the last few weeks with a gift certificate burning for a purchase and unable to buy anything while my list of desireds is not measly. this tells me a trip to wisc. is long overdue where i can visit the poetry books that are otherwise only a gif.


Blogger Woodland Pattern said...

Hey Kerri,

Your lavamatic address returned a couple of my emails with some cryptic error message.

Sounds like you need to get thee to the Woody P! Let me know when you're coming up.

Talk soon,


5:18 PM  
Blogger Kerri said...

Hey Chuck-
Lavamatic has been down all week tho the website's still up- I can't figure. I'll be up there soon! It's been, what? almost three months?! You can still get me at the conundrumpoetry addresses and a kerrisonnenberg at hotmail one.

8:34 AM  

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