Sunday, September 25, 2005

I'm all for poetry community but is it wrong to not give a rip about writer's colonies, residencies, prizes, teaching positions, the boobies on the cover of Fence magazine, the goings on in NY or SF? All seem too attached to isms and isms in general strike me as a backwards way to pet a cat. An interview question put to me recently: Should poetry be non-commercial? Of course, what shouldn't be? Oh, my Marxist deep end.

PBS has been running some excellent documentaries all week for this, Hispanic heritage month, on Frida Kahlo, the history of Cuba and its relations with the US, and other topics not caught in their entirety, but Latino nevertheless. That, and QA'ing (a gorgeous new verb courtesy of new employer) Spanish texts all week, so when J came home from another 16 hour day this week and said let's go to Mexico, I said you betcha. Looking at a little beach, fishing village, Mayan ruins holiday in and around Merida and Celestun. To the spider monkeys I say, bring it on.


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