Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Type A morning but delightfully tourist to others' everything as points points. And J unexpectedly on my block for lunch and to Thai place B where we decide so many things are lining up Buckminsterly. He has some mail that he's brought all this way because it looks unexpected, a happy package of surprise book from James- thanks James!- and something forwarded from former employer as a love letter from one of my ladies which is really hate mail and not meant for me but someone else on the staff with a similar name. "The stirfry stinks! And you misspelled Goulash!" Universe, thanks for reiterating.


a very good ides of march getting (J) palpably closer to done/doctorism, a final concert to be put on next month will be anything but "a 40-minute stretched out moth fart."


here heres (or is that hear hears?) to stephanie's consideration of avatar manipulation amidst an awp roundup that, like many other roundups, sounds like it was more dazzling- all out woodstock- than the chicago year when there wasn't nearly as much of a nexus of unassociated activity. was it that the unassociateds were less eager to vacation to a chicago march when true march is upon every other last nether? like tonight: 2-4 more inches of snow coming. goundhog, how you vex me.


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