Thursday, March 09, 2006

Suddenly perfect Seattle weather today- 57 and moist- something innate, natively pleasing. Noticed on the train that the Army/Navy store next to the Belmont stop is being demolished, for new condos that will bear all the architectural distinction of my cubicle, and as we sat loading in commuter freight I looked at the reluctant buckling of 100 year old boards, layers of space where I piled on the Soviet clearances in my late high school-early college years. If I were off today I would take a long walk and write another piece for my new Walks series (oh, don’t say that word, must find something akin to “the Scottish play” for “series”). But since I’m not I’ll try not to be too bitter about it. I have to give a presentation this afternoon about something I know very little about owing, mostly, to my perpetual lack of corporate fluency. Bullet points so phallocentric, numbers, letters, big and small even worse. Oh for a rhizomatic workplace. Give me Euro-June (may be back on). Vamanos Berlin.


Uh oh. Condi's making her "we're about to bomb you" face.


Also noticed a sign of decade-old gentrification in decay—the beige back end of a building facing North Ave. by the Sedgewick stop peeling away to reveal years of unchecked graffiti like back when Manhattan was dirty. Somewhere near this building was an old funeral home that became a sculptor’s squat, briefly, where Jeff played a gig with Issa and Manolis that had a convenient platform for his drum kit, i.e. where the corpse got displayed. I have a vague memory of something unfortunate happening with Nikos and a wooden hulk of a chair with wings jutting out at its sides, drawing words out of a hat for some sort of parlor game and a fragrant bonfire somehow then permitted in the middle of city.


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