Thursday, March 02, 2006

Now I realize what all of this antsiness is about… with my itinerant and adjunct employments and student status I’ve always had a block of time off to look forward to catching up with my thoughts, but I haven’t had a week off since last February, which was also the last time I went anywhere requiring an airplane, and a year is too long to stay still. How on earth did Americans get talked into this 2 weeks off per year deal? Feels interminable. No wonder we’re all depressed, too tired to take political action, on meth.

So I’m thinking of one dislocating week off I could possibly do— writing, meditation and touching a piece of nature or two would be a guaranteed part of the scenario if I did a week at Naropa’s summer session. Just a little Week 1, Joan Retallack.. cue heavenly light. Should I?


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