Friday, February 24, 2006

i've only been able to sample the Jacket humbug over flarf and the ensuing pro-flarf fallout, but i don't think this hoy bit is necessarily irreconcilable with the couer de flarf: "...if one follows Duchamp by dropping the medium as a defining limit so as to engage with poetics as a behavior and way of thinking, it's not a matter of creating poetry in relation to other poems: 'poetry' is simply a byproduct..." like dada, dandruff, and voodoo, it's a lived condition, an inescapably internalized flarfiness, that occasionally produces a poem.. even for those who have yet to manifest any written flarfy symptoms.

or, and i mean this lovingly, is a flarf poem like a poem in capitalist drag? i guess i'm thinking of some of its ends instead of all of its means.


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