Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ideas to go: on mineral water tour of Europe (Gerolsteiner, San Pellegrino), to Omaha to see my best pregnant kung fu friend, to drive there and see the Des Moines Art Museum on the way, to go to Costa Rica, to R’s village where the village elder tapes fried onions to a leg rash, to China to see what’s on the internet, perhaps instructions for uncorking my liquorous yak horn.


In the last few days… tId/a/th
Up late enough to hear the freights. Freezing rain. Cat stasis. Yanging anonymos at the other place. Fish with rose petal sauce and cake with Tita’s tears.


Quoting Maso quoting Woolf..
“Ephemeral, imperfect stories without their old authority. ‘Notebooks’ maybe ‘rather than masterpieces.’”


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