Friday, February 24, 2006

Last night- a vegetarian Russian platter for two.. glory be to all manner of kasha and beet… then to the symphony for a serviceable piece of Mozart. Brendl at the piano meant we could have scalped our tickets out front to the fur-clad and needy, and that the performance was flawless, albeit a bit restrained. The second half of the program, a Schoenberg- pre-break with tonality- swelled the orchestra considerably.. the piece a leviathan of cresting and submersal. A bolt of double-bass and cellos (celli?) through the left center had a moment of Stravinskian say. Otherwise was frequently thinking of 50’s movie posters- Passion! Intrigue!


Also this week:
Bean actively plotting against my R.E.M.
Invited to attend a birth
Getting behind again on things I owe people


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