Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Watched a girl airbrush a cake- another job I’d want, if just for one day. This is my favorite window behind the scenes, the porthole into bennison’s bakery. I’d like to see the porthole make a comeback in contemporary architecture. Oh the businesses to peep into… the cartographers, metallurgy…


Because I avoid consuming things that risk inclusion of bird or mammal or their extracts, I am otherwise a very curious eater, so today had a lotus seed cake- honestly delish- from my tea pusher, and earlier a “tamarind drink” at my lunching place, the latter requiring abandonment after causing my liver to skip a beat. J makes fun of my sugarless, bitty ways, like the shaming I got this weekend for offering people at intermission Slippery Elm. Incidentally eaten by our niece as a dare, the decidedly “like a raisin” Slippery Elm.


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