Thursday, January 19, 2006

Gouger operator and I have found a happy arrangement. Firstly, Xanax enables Novocain enables my imagination not to take off at every pitch change of instrumentation mouthbound. Secondly, if GO goes slowly and answers all my questions about which nerves effect what part of mouth, whether there's a chance of my ingesting mercury, and lets me inspect all bits of gouge and tooth itself post-gouge, I am much the better for it.


today: hairdryer goes down in a blaze of glory leaving me with a bad case of kristy mcnichol (and a dormant worry of house burning down, hope bean remembers how to call 911), babysitting a macro (enchanting breakneck runs of code) and catching up with the ipod, thinking about songs most played in 2005 (few if none actually from '05, maybe a list to come), a snake befriends a hamster, will see germans on the run jesse and leonie later at maiz and drink atole.


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