Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just a kvetch or two more. More happy/neutral proto-poemtry coming soon. Also soon to be broken: anti-soc. cave snooze, or, my accomplished indoorsmanship. It’s winter, it’s Chicago, and therefore chronic. Hi.


I know I owe people things. Jordan, I owe you your Discrete CD. I owe the Unpleasant Event Schedule some tweaked photos since July. I owe one of my ladies from my last job a thank you note for mailing me a tablespoon of granola. I owe my knitting friend a robot. I owe The Duck an oil change. I owe a lot of people better introductions than I’ve been able to muster lately. I owe people who don’t know it emails saying every which way I loved their books.


Blogger Jordan said...

No problemos, Kerri. I too owe you folks some goods--looking at them right now--burned and everything. The post office always seems so far away.

Hope yesterday wasn't overly spooky.

Be well,


12:07 PM  

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