Friday, November 11, 2005

today i bought a cappuccino just to correct a dream. i was overly thrilled with the whole transaction.
in the dream i walked up to a coffeestand and said, one cappuccino, please.
the barista said, i'm sorry, no. we don't have that.
but, i pointed above her head, it's right there on your menu.
yes, but you have to order a hot dog.
but i don't want a hot dog.
ok, give me a cappuccino and a hot dog.
of course the timing was all wrong. that offer was only valid before i had to be told about it.
listen, i can see the machine right there. i'll tell you how to make it. a shot of espresso and then foam the milk.
no response.
filled with frustration i walked away from the stand and saw that the surrounding mall area was entirely toy stores. language had failed. i had lost the language game or never really knew its rules.


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