Wednesday, November 09, 2005

been busy with repetition at work the last few days and exhausting the ipod- if i hear windowlicker one more time i'll- so prowling internet radio and unenthused with most music offerings turned up- i think more a symptom of the difficulty of categorization- remember the station out of ps1, once ago finding in their archive a program of smoking 50's samba. today first checking what was coming in "live" and it was a recording of the fence reading a few weeks ago with the fabulous laura s. and forest g. i had been curious about the work of the other two readers but now am no longer curious. f read an essay on jaime saenz and one of his poems after sally man's photographs. his voice and laura's in headphones felt like we should all be around a table carving a turkey.


sometimes i say one line and sometimes i'm the other:
i'm so sick of art. i don't want to do it anymore.
just forget the capital a and do some stuff.


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