Friday, October 07, 2005

since tuesday i've been either working, sleeping or watching baseball, so missed with great disinterest the latest "terrorists bad, america good" speech.


met with hothouse last night... could put discrete there but it would up my operating expenses threefold. hmm. the kass and joe event scheduled for 10/21 has been cancelled-- they'll come up next year once discrete has a stable home. i have a date with a gallery in two weeks to discuss putting d series there. speaking of galleries, just when I thought all affordable space in wicker park had gone the way of the paulina tire salvage yard, i get a notice for a warming and opening for 23 spaces above miller lumber tonight.


rereading everything by renee gladman this week, though i still have to get the activist. somehow silliman's phrase "curiously agnostic on plot" was the right prod.. i think i'll make that a requirement for fiction from now on. that and the insightfulness gladman's work reveals about the stuff under the stuff of how people relate to each other.

"In a world where a person's tastes revolve around what kind of sleep she gets, I could not find four people who cared."


Just heard someone say, "Have you heard anything more about the elaboratus?"


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