Saturday, October 08, 2005

.woke up..blueberry pancakes.
.read the reader which made me frustrated except for hearing of a film i decided i want to see "oui non."
.J in line for 30 minutes to pick up a prescription saying "what was it about long lines which is why we don't have socialized medicine?" and having great ideas about how davinci imagined a lot of inventions like hang gliders and heart valves by synthesizing mechanical ideas and observations from nature: how currents form in water, the wing span of birds, etc. and that electronic music and new media needs to be less infatuated with the means of its own production and develop along these lines. Still in line, grabbing a pamphlet on Alzheimer's disease, he makes some notes of this. a long time later when the pharmacist finally puts some pills in a jar, he accidentally leaves it there. but decides he is intent to remember.
.wrote a long email to a friend in another country suggesting i will take up lapidary, much to my own surprise.
.went to hyde park in an itchy sweater on one of our first cool, overcast autumn days. they have trees there, i figured.
.went to seminary coop bookstore which had nothing i went there for*. instead of little theaters (erin moure) i got splendide-hotel (gilbert sorrentino); instead of agnes martin's writings, songs of the milarepa; instead of the human abstract (elizabeth willis), my body and i (rene crevel); instead of indiana, indiana (laird hunt), i, etcetera (susan sontag); instead of the activist (renee gladman), an anthology of tang and sung dynasty poetry; instead of a form of taking it all (rosmarie waldrop), three steps on the ladder of writing (helene cixous).
.on the midway in the recess i hear a yell that sounds a little bit like "here," a little bit like "joe" and i see a man catch a football and run up an embankment that is treated by everyone as a boundary. then i see another man running toward him with a lacrosse stick and wonder how many sports they are playing or is this a hybrid.
.sat in grocery store parking lot writing a lot of things while someone slept next to me in a minivan.
.bought a baguette still warm through the bag.
.almost bought a plant called "pothos" because i thought for a second it was called "pathos."
.saw a man in a gust of wind battling a large balloon shaped like a 3.
.went home.
.put on a hat.
.walked to the lake shore.
.saw a tall ship from 100's of years ago out on the lake in full sail.
.saw a guy snag a fish that he bet was 20 pounds.
.saw a bride's veil whip in circles around her head outside the aquarium.
.walked out to the end of the peninsula and sat with my new books under the planetarium's big telescope.
.walked out on northerly island to find fields of purple wildflowers and not a soul.
.finished reading juice (gladman) on a bench out of the wind in front of the museum of natural history and a big banner that said "sue" while families going home walked by wondering about their cars.
.walked home around barricades set up for the marathon tomorrow. i think the finish line is a few blocks from our house. i remember being there 20 years ago watching my parents cross and then collapse into silvery suits. i remember being driven to different points along the route to watch them pass- looking like they're in so much pain- feeling the same way i would when seeing video of women giving birth.
.went home.

i'm writing this down so i can repeat it exactly.

*one thing on my list was there: dissonance, if you are interested. elated, i turned it over and saw the price ($40!) and heard myself say not out loud "I'm not THAT interested."


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