Thursday, August 25, 2005

when there is no better authority to go on, the work week goes on but the days are only how much you’ve had to eat, who tired you, going on instinct once we’ve reached a point beyond humor, beyond what any lesson on TV, Bush goes on about staying the course, I’ve never heard you say “fuck” so much, a disease goes on taking away, all news is irrelevant but still going on, the course of our actions on instinct without much to eat, and cars cars in so much of the way in the effort to collect little things, when the authority the work week goes on has me looking for you nights and weekends, and with an obstructed rat terrier we go on five hours of sleep, barking as a coyote goes on trotting through backyards of new subdivisions to an old lake, I will gather as much as I can bring of the outdoors to you, you going on painting and every medication, we will plant perennials with your name, fish too, and if you go on without us and can you will send hummingbirds as a greeting.


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