Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Thursday fortune: "Listen often to the quiet voice within." Not exactly peeling back the veil of the universe. Perhaps a second cookie to illuminate and compound the insight of the first: "Your present plans are going to succeed." Great. Now which plans would this be referring to? Finding a new space for the Discrete Series in a month? Getting a new job? Or theoretically leaving the country? Oh Divine cookie powers, be more specific.

Friday: Anniversary, boat cruise, all day flaneuring.

Saturday: Sox (white vs. red) game with J and dads. J said "I've got a good feeling" then we got up to get veggie dogs and a foul ball beaned itself off our empty seats. More fans there rooting for red than white..hey me too since I can't get a ticket to the Cubs. I know Johnny Damon is considered the dreamboat among the ladies, but how in tarnation did his visage get on the T-shirted chests of manly fans?

Sunday: Work and J-show at Rodan.

Monday: Roughed up from night before. Work. Home. Medicinal falafel. Movie. SupaSleep.

Today: Eyebrow wax and Bikram class have me feeling invincible for tomorrow's inty.


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