Friday, July 08, 2005

Recent Reading

What I've been doing with my 5.7 hours per week...

Leave the Room to Itself- Graham Foust
He gave an excellent reading for Discrete a while back, and I've read As In Every Deafness a few times now for its tautness and perceptive acumen. This book bears his signature style but is much more spare- like rooms very briefly haunted.

In the Absent Everyday- Tsering Whangpo Dhompa (not* "Desiring WinZip Dumpy" as spellcheck would have it)
Another poet I feel fortunate to have heard read (last year, Chi Poetry Project). Her narratives are as absorbing as they are tender.

Precious- Chuck Stebelton
A beaut of a chapbook by David Pavelich's Answer Tag Home Press. I do believe this is the first book of poetry I've ever encountered that kicks off with an epigraph by Wesley Willis.

Often Capital- Jennifer Moxley
I need to read this several more times. At first read I think I swung above it on a trapeze.

And So On- Patrick Durgin
The first in a string of e-chapbooks (not exactly new, but new to me) I've discovered I can read on the sly at work. Informs the rugged virtuosity of Sorter and Durgin's other more recent work with which I had been more familiar.

Pollux- Pam Rehm
Another e-book from the Duration online archive. I've long been an admirer of Pam's work and while I can't find the notes I made to myself while reading this one, I remember being very engaged by it.

It's Alive She Says- Cole Swensen
The last of my e-book spree and an early (mid 80's if I remember) title for Cole. Very different from her writing of the last 10 years, but it's interesting to see all the tendencies and inclinations there. This work seems to be coming from a more chatty approach to questions of knowing/perception. It is a metaphor dynamo and image-rich without the movement of the line/field that has become a regular dimension of her work since.

There Were Hostilities- Stacy Szymaszek
Talky, NY-Schooly, with humor and spitfire pertaining to neighbors, friends and picking up chicks.

Magazine Cypress #3-
A thoughtful arrangement of writing by an exciting ensemble of writers who have their ears to the ground. Especially enjoyed the pieces by Jordan Davis, James Meetze and Laura Elrick.


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