Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Didn’t notice Easter this year, didn’t have to be in a room with a ham.

Monday.. the taking, the talking, the clarifying, the finishing, the passing, the handshake of oral exams (J).

Photo of a blind and armless boy maimed in a WW2 bombing reading braille with his lips at AIC struck me more than all the modernists yesterday. Also the exquisite tile work and manuscript pages from 13th century Iran. Pouring the absence of depiction into calligraphy, the devotion to the word as the object of art.

Are we pissed off enough yet with our leaders?
Accountability several years in the making, though he did one good thing in office with the moratorium on the death penalty. Will that be discredited with him?
Pulitzer journalism, is the media making a comeback?
And Jules’ research gets a mention from a former supporter of the war.


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