Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If it’s an 08 Jeb I’m moving to Berlin.
If it’s a night at SonoTQ it’s an I Ching of muggees and expats telling me to move to Amsterdam.
If only we had a vital union movement like France.
I’ve been tattooless this long and haven’t yet gone to Japan.
If I’m managing to get any work done today someone who’s still talking about Janet Jackson’s nipple will opine “…classy. Probably one of the most positive movies about cannibalism ever made.”
If I miss the Danny’s reading tonight it will be for making up a sleep debt.


My photo “my” is up at UES this week and just Sunday I noticed that that building is up next for demo’ing.

Saturday will begin our search for a place like “my” to live in that is further away from the devilish forces of spiffing.

I want a T-shirt that would make my el stop proud.


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