Friday, October 14, 2005

on my lunch hour, paid a visit to my favorite tea shop, and the woman who owns this place must be a doctor of chinese medicine, because everytime i'm in there she is diagnosing patrons' ailments, giving them articles to read, lifestyle advice, whipping up special concoctions. i was in a hurry, so couldn't sniff everything or get diagnosed, but she steered my green fancy to a few new things: a yu jun green, a dragonwell from her hometown, and a bamboo something-or-other green that smells nutty-toasty and looks like a bag of crisp feathers. since i drink tea all day long, which is mostly at work, my desk is starting to look like an apothecary. i'll have to go back and treat myself to a cup of the "sparrow's tongue" sometime soon... it's too nice to drink next to a stapler.


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