Thursday, September 08, 2005

As I continue in this course of self-study re: alternative prose forms, I'm particularly intereseted in how a more multiply-jointed writing style/method effects the essay form, a form associated with "clarity," purpose, the business of information/ideas to be conveyed and the Aristotlean standard of logic and progression. A glimmer re: practices of "understanding" and/or "meaning (-making)": "Particulars compel, in their particularity, a negotiation with them that brings us into relation: that's getting to a knowledge." (sidenote: I like that it's "a" knowledge.)

This brings my reading habits of the last few months into clearer focus--

Imaginary Essays by Rick Snyder
31 Microlectures in Proximity of Performance by Matthew Goulish
Color and Its Antecedants by Brenda Iijima (which I mean to say more about soon)
assorted prose poems in assorted online publications by Michael Robins

What else? There were/are others. Will return to this question, but I think it underscores the latest fancy with parallels too.


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