Sunday, August 07, 2005

This might be an interesting survey to take- not just what are you reading, but where are you reading it? If the experience of a text is truly a dialectic, then where a reader is experiencing the text would seem as valid a point of critical influence as that reader's background, his/her mood that day, what music or noise is distracting in the background, etc.

Pictures here are from Brookfield--I filled in for our recently fired bus driver and took the ladies to a local restaurant for lunch. Dropping them off, I pulled next door into an abandoned service station, opened the door and windows and kicked back with Laird Hunt's Paris Stories. Hunt's prose is enchanting, and the way this book illuminates a sense of place (via an elusive hybrid of history, dreams, conversations) leaves me with the conviction that every place is teeming with similar connections/beauties, not just the most romantic city in the world. Take a broken little backwater like Brookfield...

I'd be curious to see a photolog of others' books/locales..


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